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HP DesignJet T790 PostScript® Printer

Productive printing for small teams


Rely on the most productive 24-inch (610 mm) HP DesignJet printer to get great results quickly. Produce precise plans, drawings, and maps with fine line quality and up to 2400 dpi. Even print TIFF, JPEG, and PDF files from the printer’s USB drive—no computer required.

QUALITY—Quickly produce outstanding results 

  •  Six Original HP inks produce a wide color gamut ideal for color graphics.
  • Original HP gray and photo black inks achieve precise line accuracy, dark blacks, and true neutral grays.
  • Communicate with precision—produce plans, drawings, and maps with fine line quality, and up to 2400 dpi.
  • Print quickly without sacrificing quality—create an A1/D-size print in 32 seconds with Economode.

CONVENIENCE—Speed up printing with easy workflow

  • Print TIFF, JPEG, and PDF2 files from your printer’s USB thumb drive—no computer required.
  • If you’re on-the-go, attach your document to an email and send it directly to your printer via ePrint.
  • The intuitive touchscreen simplifies navigation and printing.

RELIABILITY—Plug-and-play printer for small teams

  • Focus on your design—not printing—with this reliable HP DesignJet printer.
  • Quick printing—in-printer processing architecture, added memory for processing even the most complex files.
  • Print confidently knowing that, even if you’re in a rush, this printer can handle all your files.

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